We Are a Proven Team of Cybersecurity Professionals

Obscurity Labs has the privilege of training students and organizations around the world.

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Develop, Train, and Innovate So Others Can Live a Safer Life In Cyberspace

As veteran members of both the Information Technology and Cybersecurity fields, we recognize the issues surrounding training and certifications within each of these communities.

  • Lab Driven

  • Cyber Range

  • Tangible Metrics

  • Advanced Education

A Training Methodology Beyond The Slides

We offer training so others can go forth and fulfill the mission. We never forget what our training means for the mission, especially when there are lives are on the line.

  • Concept Deep Dive

    The trainer presents relevant data via presentation, audio, and other visual aids. This allows the trainee to understand concepts at the low technical level in order to apply them in further practices.

  • Demonstrate Concept

    The trainee executes these concepts in a contained custom environment that Obscurity Labs hosts internally. We are able to monitor these actions and adjust according to comprehension.

  • Reinforce Concept

    The trainer executes relevant information via video and audio based aids. We can convey complex technical information by utilizing custom labs and conceptual scenarios .

Training That Transcends Tools

Training is a critical component to hone skills, maintain proficiency, and ensure mission success. As veteran members of both the information technology and cybersecurity fields, we recognize that training needs to focus on quality content as well, as comprehensive tools!

Learn From The Best In The Industry

Read more about our instructors, or reach out to them directly.

Senior Security Engineer

Keelyn Roberts

Keelyn is an active Red Team Operator and cybersecurity researcher. He develops both offensive and defensive cybersecurity tool-sets. His prior experience includes roles as a senior information system analyst and a senior cyber security analyst. He has spent over 13 years working within the DoD and a fortune 100 company. In addition to that he has also worked on advanced cybersecurity research projects with Smart Information Flow Technologies (SIFT) ranging from new concolic and symbolic fuzzing techniques to advanced cyber analytics.

Senior Security Engineer

Daniel West

Daniel West has over 10 years of DoD IT and Cyber experience in the US Army. During his tenure, he served as the senior multidisciplinary subject matter expert and tactical planner for numerous cyber defense operations. West was instrumental in cyber technology and doctrine development, working directly with various international and USG agencies, industry, and academia. He has delivered comprehensive offensive and defensive cybersecurity training for missions on enterprise systems, IoT devices, ICS/SCADA systems, and embedded systems.

Senior Security Engineer

Alexander Rymdeko-Harvey

Alex has extensive experience in the cyber security field. He has worked in the specialized field of adversary emulation in both Government and private organizations. Alex brings extensive knowledge from his experience on the Defense and Counter Infiltration Team for the Department of Defense (DoD) and as a senior cyber-security engineer on the Red Team for a Fortune 100 company. He has authored and co-authored several tools for the Cyber community with the most notable of which being the Empyre and SimplyEmail projects.